Actually Useful RGB Lights? Philips Hue Sync Review!

Actually Useful RGB Lights? Philips Hue Sync Review!

Welcome to my review of philips hue sync. Philips Hue lights are awesome, but come with a hefty price…

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I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Make sure to leave any questions in the comment section down below and I will do my best to answer them.


Brian .D says:

Dude you sound just like PolyMatter.

DenyBoyLV says:

So been watching you for a while. I know about tech a lot but i was thinking mby you want to do some videos about computer components like what is Video card, CPU, etc. difference between mobile components and desktop components. Some sciance about it.

thatguychris says:

Very cool, but also very expensive

Nick _Gaming says:

yo nice video

Crestom XYZ says:

Actually no they’re not so useful, distracting you from the actual gameplay, but its nice that you have a turno on off button so you canchoose when activate this cool rgbs

Josh Bohorquez says:


Mikkel H says:

An alternative software to this philips one, is "Screenbloom"
it does essentially the same thing, but you can set zones on the screen, and pick that zone to be specific to one (or multiple ) lights
You can also adjust things such as delay and light intensity… something i dont believe the philips light does.
However, screenblooms downside is, it ONLY works with things running in windowed (or fullscreen windowed) mode.
I have a lightstrip wrapped around my monitors wallmount, and 2 color bulbs above my head (to my left and right) and it works wonderfully. – both for gaming and movies. of course, really depends on the game. not so useful for the sims or factorio. but awesome for Doom, WoW and Dark Souls.

Shayaan Qazi says:

Hey, I just wanted to ask something for a budget optiplex build of mine:
How do you go about buying a monitor if you don’t have one beforehand? I don’t really have a t.v either to which I can connect it and buying a monitor really increases the price of the whole pc as a whole

(I have not purchased anything yet, so any general tips are apperiated, since I am quite new. Thanks! 🙂 )