A Visit to Vacheron Constantin's Headquarters | Their Process and Rarest Watches (2019)

In this video, we visit Vacheron Constantin’s world headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland to join a small tour of Vacheron facility. Our guide, Max, a watchmaker at Vacheron Constantin, helps us learn more about their watchmaking process, their facility, and their expansive archive. This was so much fun so big thanks to Vacheron for letting me come by and capture some footage for the channel!

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Vacheron Constantin says:

Thank you for visiting us Teddy, great video!

Chris Lutz says:

This was cool thanks.

Imtiaz says:

What watch is the watchmaker wearing at 3:16?

Kwenz Landah says:

Teddy "William Tell" Baldy Ass.

Nate McLoughlin says:

Massive. This is a beauty Teddy!

razvanon says:

the thumbnail made me think about trump's stupid wall

JRB 53 says:

Amazing. This is one of my favorite watch videos on YouTube. Thanks Teddy!

Rocky Bergen says:

Great work man! Please as you are able, produce more tour videos. I am always daydreaming about the creative process and watchmakers are a cut above!

Imran Chowdhury says:

This is the shortest trip to any factory first time in YouTube!!!!!

Daniel Franco says:

more videos like this teddy!

Sean Martin says:

Very cool! I want to see more of these for sure.

ricerdude says:

that girl at 4:52 is pretty

Travels of the Cat says:

How many watches do they need to sell each year just to break even on all of this?

Victor Souza says:

Amazing video Teddy! The quality of your content continues to improve!

Carlos Cardona says:

Great vid thanks!

Monsignor Neo Rodent 007 says:

While tgv is busy plagiarizing teddy is busy creating

Timothy Azbill says:

While Jingly Jangly 🐁 and Archi-bald Chest-hair-field the turd 💩 battle it out, Teddy 🐻 is providing quality content!


Well done TB

Enrique S B says:

Wow that ultra slim pocket watch is impressive. Also they should still be producing the 222 it's amazing

escamunich A says:

CONSTANTAAAN? europeans with your crazy vowels.

Adam B says:

I'm disappointed Teddy. Theres garbage youtubers making 20+ minut videos on nothing and here you are… giving us quality content… that lasts 20 minutes too short.

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