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When Audemars Piguet released the Royal Oak in 1972, everyone thought the watchmaker had gone mad. The watch was big, it was basic and it was expensive—and it sold by the bucket load. Patek Philippe got in on the action four years later with the Nautilus, and not wanting to be left out, Vacheron Constantin joined the club a year later, completing the 70s trifecta of steel sports watches from the top three. Today, such a watch will set you back from £17,000 and as much as £23,000—but is there something we’re missing that’s just as good for half the price?

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Eric Stevens says:

i love this piece its the same look as a AP, and patek philippe, and the vacheron but like you said at more then half the price.

thefruitbar says:

For some reason, I feel like if you guys did a video on Roger Smith watches, you'd make people very happy.

The Bearded Yorkshireman says:

I am looking at buying a GIRARD PERREGAUX Laureato Automatic 42mm, sick of the usual Rolex, Omega etc timepieces. Any thoughts on this?

mena seven says:

The Girard Perregaux Laureato is as beautiful and as good as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus and has a lower price then them. The smart buyer will choose the GP Laureato.

noe mejia says:

Men's watches vs women's watches and why men's are most fascinated about watches than women's?

G Retek says:

Great history lesson 🙂 but the GP as you have mentioned is hommaging the AP royal oak so Maybe you should put an AP not a Vacheron next to it in this video 🙂 and you dont pronounce the Girard Perregaux well 😅

upinmyglider says:

Or half again as much for a Tudor North Flag. They're all scratch magnets though.

Matthew M says:

Stop promoting shitters.

christian larsson says:

The numbers on the rehaut doesn't line up with the dial markers on the VC…That sucks

Mohammad Al Sharam says:

The first of the great imitators. Then he goes on to say the ingenieur SL 🤔?! How can a watch be an imitation of another when they are both designed by the same person 🤔 The word "immitaion" here does not apply as it eludes to a lack of originality, which is hardly the case as many designers will have a synonymous design language. I'm not sure about the nautilus though, as I have read conflicting articles about who was the designer behind it, I don't think that patek has ever officially credited the design to Gerald Genta.

Edmund Choy says:

I think it shouldn't be viewed as a rip off of the royal oak but more of a design trend during that era for steel watches. Just like how rock music is different in the 70s with Hendrix, Led Zeppelin etc from the current scene or how German minimalist design of the pilot watch is common across the likes of Stowa, IWC, Wempe and a.lange.

I thought the GP is a refreshing deiviation from the royal oak which I see on almost every banker's wrist and the overhyped waiting list of the nautilus.

S R says:

Great watch and value, but nothing could scratch the itch of a Royal Oak. That watch is special

Antoine Delage de Luget says:

Not sure the lume on the vc is actually sloppy. Seems to be done on purpose to look a bit mother of pearl. Very often lume looks like shitty plastic. It's not the case here. The very idea of luxury is a close to perfection finish by hand instead of a perfect one by machine.

Curtis k says:

VC looks much nicer in person😉

Watch Geek says:

Perfect as always 👍👍

Tarek Torbey says:

Please make review of : longines big eye and citizen caliber 001

We Fucking Love Watches says:

Thanks for the interesting comparison!

Joseph Yi says:

If only it had a more original design :/

Sebastien Deighton says:

Love the videos!
Just out of curiosity… What about the Rolex 5100 that came out at Baselworld 1970? Ok it's in white gold and it's a beta21, but I still think this is the model that got Genta to play his game! (He might have been behind the design of the 5100 aswell!)

Niallv Brennan says:

I think the GP actually looks better☘

Bubba B says:

That VC lume didnt look clean. So many companies copy one another. Not an AP fan, but I am curious with the new 11.59. 🤔🤔🤔

Argo Perdana says:

That GP looks absolutely stunning. Some poor quality issues with the VC, spotted with the close-up shots. For me, the best VC wristwatch is still the Fiftysix.

dveeant says:

Could you do a video about quality left handed watches?

ianchen9449 says:

"new companies like seiko" what? seiko is from the 1800s

gmshadowtraders says:

Ssshhh. GP is the secret value proposition.

Omar al enezi says:

Please review century watches I think there is some think special in this brand

Jamie says:

And GP has better quality control than VC (so much for Geneva Seal…)

coolgui says:

Excuse my ignorance but what are the big 3? Patek, Vacheron and? or is completely different?. great videos!

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