A Non-Hyping look at the popular TIMEX Q Reissue

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Wait for it to be restocked – do not pay silly price gougers – the link is here:

For those interested in buying Homer’s example for $200 you can reach out to me here. USA only please:


Thanks for watching guys!

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Tom The Fish says:

I like it.
IDK if it's better than a Sistem 51 but it's nice

Chris Brown says:

You reviewed the best dive watch under $200 recently…the Citizen Excalibur. I bought one after you reviewed it and absolutely love it, grab and go, maintenance free and ISO spec, all for £150.
Love the style of these though and I might be tempted when they come back in stock.

Matt Cowan says:

I really do not get the appeal of this watch.

Steve Place says:

It's not worth $180, but I get the appeal. So much so, I bought one at retail. The fact that I had to pay retail for a Timex is a bummer in itself, but such is life. It's all due to these YouTube channels, and other social media driving demand and thus driving speculators to purchase and flip. Started at Rolex a couple years ago, and not trickling down to TIMEX, of all brands.

It's Time says:

Were it not for the hair pulling bracelet I definitely would have kept mine. The seconds hand was ticking correctly on mine.

Mark Phillips says:

Never seen so much hype over a Timex blows my mind . With that said I'd really like it an will just wait again for the reissue that will be 185 .00 dollars this time .

Jēzus Meza says:

Compare with sub- $200 watches from China with Miyota movements or NH35. With great lume. San Martin 62mas was recently $185

MoStudio says:

This thing feels even cheaper then I thought it would. It should be about 50 bucks. It does look pretty cool though.

Edward Ashe says:

Hey Bruce another fine Video. Got this in the second reissue as the first time round went incredibly fast. Now having had mine for just around a month I’d say it’s okay but not great and probably over priced. But considering what I could sell it for I guess it’s fine if I want to recover what I spent. Personally not one I’ll keep will give it away as a gift. Christmas around the corner?

Christopher Saint says:

I'd pay a Max of $100 for this, it's definitely a handsome watch

NY NY says:

I love the look of the classic watches

ABMO Rose says:

By far the best review ever.
Keep up the good honest review Bruce. ???

Kevin C says:

It reminds me of that Hostess Craze from a few yrs back when a lot of people panicked and went on eBay and bought boxes of Twinkies for hundreds even thousands of dollars I believe there was one box of Twinkies that sold for like $10k? Then Hostess had found a new owner and that $10k box of Twinkies was being sold at Groceries stores for $4.00 lol.

name changes says:

whats the WR of this watch??

Damion Berv says:

Hey Bruce, great review!! Question for you though: do you find that the hands “jump” when setting the time? What I mean is if you have them lined up to the time you want and then push the crown in, the hands move to a different position. That’s happening on mine, and it admittedly drives me crazy. Just curious if you experienced that as well.

Watch & Roll says:

Great review Mr. Bruce Wayne….williams

obwanusa says:

All things considered, I think it is a fine $40 watch.

Tanner Murdock says:

I’ve had my Q since they first released it and I’ve never had any issues with it. My bezel is very tight and the movement works wonderfully. Maybe I just got lucky with the QC

Noor Hussain says:

Not worth a penny over $180

Feuding Drums says:

I dont get it.. It has plastic

Glenn Powell says:

To replace the battery with indiglo on a Timex you have to do a short reset with the new battery.They are loud though! This is a cool watch but bloody dear! Cheers.

Scott S says:

I considered this but I thought the price was too high for what you get and I realized it probably just wouldn't get much wrist time.

Robert Sanchez says:

Wearing my Hair Puller as I watch this! ? it is cool tho, good one Bruce

Ric Rivera says:

I don’t understand the hype around this watch. It’s a cheap quartz with mediocre case and bracelet. There’s nothing about it that distinguishes this from the usual Timex stuff sold at Walmart. I think it’s a decent $80 watch. Not $180.

Dustin Gaddis says:

This thing is 100% not worth the money and I really don't see the appeal. If you don't have the nostalgia for the original, this thing kinda sucks. It's a 'dive' watch with a 50m water resistance rating and an easily scratched crystal at way too high a price IMO. It's not solar powered, no radio controlled, no perpetual calendar…the only thing it has going for it is the emotional nostalgic pull it has on some folks. For less money you can get a legit dive watch from Citizen that's solar powered and better quality.

All that said, buy and wear what you like. My opinion is like everyone else – it doesn't matter and shouldn't effect what you buy!

mariamik104 says:

for 180$ its too much having a 9$ seiko lowest of the low quartz caliber. its outrageos expensive.

Luciole Dizerot says:

The bezel on my Timex Q is extremely loose and moves around on its own. I bought the watch brand new from Timex so obviously it's a QC issue. It kinda killed my enjoyment of the watch but I'll still keep it in case it becomes collectable one day.

Tyler Hayes says:

Orient is best valued watch brand under 200 dollars. Can beat an automatic bambino for under 150 bucks. Like the bracelet on this timex tho

Chi-Town California says:

Great, honest review, Bruce. I think yours and Marc Goldberg’s reviews on the Q are the most informative I’ve seen so far. Bracelets like this yank every hair out of my arm, and I’ve got my first G-Shock coming, so I’ll be passing up on this.

Party Bees says:

Bruce, what would you choose: Timex Q or Seiko SNZH57 (Fifty Five Fathoms). Asking for a friend….

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