A Complete Guide to Vertical Gardening (On A Budget!) | Growing Food Made Simple

A Complete Guide to Vertical Gardening (On A Budget!) | Growing Food Made Simple

So many people dismiss growing vertically in their garden assuming it isn’t worth the cost or effort. Today I’m telling you, from my experience, the many benefits of vertical gardening, how to do it cheaply, and what you can grow!

(Our 10,000 square foot garden is located in Central Arkansas, Zone 7b)

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Ginger East says:

Love your video’s. We moved into town after selling our mini farm. Small town lot is a challenge, we now use the vertical space to grow. I’m amazed how much we can grow. Thank you, Blessings

Erin S. Bailey says:

I have a multitude of tunneling rodents due to a neighbor feeding them all winter. Trapping has not been successful thus far. I was building a hardware cloth basket to insert in the ground under my raised beds to prevent them from accessing my food through tunnels. I already bought the rolls BUT!!! the packaging mentioned (for the first time ever) that the material contains LEAD! This is my question for you: do you know what is in the welded fencing, hog panels, etc. After building up my garden soil I do not want to permanently poison my soil and food with lead. Have you looked into this at all? What have you learned?

Dontsay Moore says:

Try Lowes instead. Home Depot is owned by a racist, climate-denying trumper. So, that’s what happens to those profits

Patricia Clarkson says:

How long are the wire panels? 12ft, 15ft?
Do they go very deep into the dirt?

Pat Cavanaugh says:

How about attaching plants to my chain link fence that surrounds the yard?

April Westervelt says:

Any issue of the vertically growing items blocking sun for other plants? Thank you for your videos! They are amazing!

Gary Shanahan says:

Great ideas with excellent examples!

Iam Frognabox says:


Anne McKenzie says:

Your raised beds are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL !!! ย 

I have the cattle fencing and the corrugated metal. I’ve built several raised beds but I just don’t want to buy anymore lumbered wood. Here in CA so many trees on our property have died. We have firewood coming out of our ears. Your beds!!! What a great idea! I’m building raised beds from the wood on our property! So glad I found you!!

Daniel Jimenez says:

So fantastic. Keep up the good work
Any ๐Ÿ† in that garden

Sipho 1 says:

Great stuff! Likes and subbed.

Marcia Somerville says:

LOVE all your vids! Well done! QUESTION: Which way are your beds oriented, relative to the sun? Do they run east/west, or north/south? I would think that the trellises would shade whatโ€™s behind them if east/west, right? Is that a problem for you?

BAnn Laughlin says:

You are young but think like a woman that has lived for years through many crop seasons good and bad. Your ideas are similar to homesteaders that have to think off the cuff. Way to go. Keep doing the awesome videos. Thanks

Lindsay Engle says:

Every time I share pictures of my garden where I’m growing vegetables vertically, everyone is shocked. I’ve had such great results! Thank you for sharing, I loveeeeeee watching all your videos! Lots of <3 from Florida.

Cynthia Knight says:

Love your use of cattle panels. I priced them here in Australia and they cost $300 each. Ten times what you pay for them

Elena Melling says:

gorgeous and genius!

Melanie Bell, CHT says:

Old ladders are fun to use too.

Haywire Homestead says:

we used cattle panels for our tomatoes and cucumbers this year we are planning on getting more and using them for squash, cantaloupe and pole beans. do you need to do anything special for heavy fruit?

dee kilburn says:

HI, I have been watching your youtube videos for a . year now. Thank you for sharing so much information. Do you worry about rotating your plants on your trellis? I think that if I do the cattle panels, they would stay put in the garden.

jason smith says:

I got to say I love your channel I love your optimism and I love your information.. which direction are you facing the runs of raised beds with the trellises over them are you having the " hallway" pointed along the summer Sun’s path so that the beds that are on either side of the trellis are not getting shaded out by the trellis?

kiran says:

Hi, I have a question, where do u get all that compost to fill those beds? Did u buy it or make it? Thanks for the lovely video

Colby S says:

AWESOME! Love your garden. I love MY garden, but your garden is humungous and glorious. We have a patch of bamboo here that I use a lot for trellises, and we built a cool bean walk with timber and deer fencing. Just now I’m using an old sheet of rebar reinforcement mesh for my cucumbers. Your video just completely inspired me to go hard on the vertical thing this year. It is springtime in New Zealand, so I’m in high gear. ๐Ÿ˜€

Debbie Blanke says:

Jess, I’m looking and looking for 18′ cattle panels but only find 16 feet. Will that be sufficient for a walk-through arch at ground level?

commonconservative says:

…don’t forget what the neighbors are going to think , once the harvest is over the skeletons you installed will be viewed all winter and spring

Milo Dodds says:

Hi Jess, what do you think about hanging baskets or do they qualify as part of vertical gardening?

C Vallee says:

New subscriber… love it! Looking at the structural aspect.. what are the tires for?

Holly BonnybrookeES says:

I love using cattle panels as arches now. They are fabulous-so strong and also attractive once the plants get going. All the fancy trellises at garden centers just get covered up with leaves anyway!

barb kafilmout says:

Thanks for this I get so intimidated about growing and you make me feel positive about it

Cari Michalik says:

I am wondering about you raised beds? Weโ€™re do you find your lumber?

Michelle Moore says:

What type of squash was that?

Meda Roberts says:

Do the cattle panels ever get hot and scorch the vines and also what is the cheapest way to fill a raised bed soil wise?

Flyover Pilgrim says:

Found you today on YT somehow. New sub.
We’ve been growing on trellises since we lived in the city. We have been growing tomatoes and beans on trellises since moving to the farm…but let me tell you, i am tired *T I R E D* of bending over searching for cukes and squash.

Next year we’re putting the cukes and squash on trellises, too. And yes, we use T posts and cattle panels! While in the city, we never supported winter squash with slings. The stem will harden up to support the fruit. Small watermelon would not need support. The large watermelon? I wouldn’t grow it on a trellis.

Ilene Cashman says:

I love the way you explain everything in detail! For a person my age w/knee, back etc. problems this is fantastic, so simple to harvest! I have a condo w/limited space in my patio, now I realize I can have a variety of things to grow. Thank you for giving us such a fine video, please keep it up โ™ฅ

The Hateful M8 says:

10 seconds in and i already love you.
Great vid, great person, keep it up and i am subscribed.

Erica Gardens says:

You remind me of Zoey from nurse Jackie. She was the character that made the show pleasant and delightful. ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒฟ

P. Thomas Garcia says:

I’m convinced.

Eszter Bรณdi says:

And it stays clean! ๐Ÿ™‚

Carly Blankevoort says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE your ideas!

Bonnie Bartlow says:

Thanks for helping us work with what we can afford or scavenge I like your garden thanks so much!

pamela kincaid says:

thank you for showing your garden. Just love it and am going to do my first raised bed this spring. Also doing the vertical garden. (cattle fence) and cheep chicken wire. ๐Ÿ˜€

Jose Lopez says:

Pasion fruit as well

Keiko Mushi says:

With anything, there are some exceptions. For example, hanging systems for pots and pockets might be a good idea if you want to produce a lot of lettuces in the same space. This is more for the small varieties. Pockets will, however, have their own limitations, such as allowing for a reduce space for roots to grow, but this might be considered a non-issue if you plan on a quick turn-around.

Jim White says:

Old mattress with cover and stuffing removed. Now that was a unique trellis…

Chinara says:

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Spend Smart Live Happy says:

This video is so fantastic- I love it! I am so excited to embark on some vertical gardening for the first time! And I love you showing the budget friendly! Fixing up an older home and Building a new homestead can be expensive so itโ€™s gteat to see the beautiful and awesome potential of even just some cattle panels! Thank you for your light and love!! Much love to you, Rachel

Pat DeArmond says:

Love your garden — great video.

The Anchored Home says:

new subscriber here! really enjoying your channel! thanks for all the info and inspiration in this video!!

Homestead Blessings says:

I grow organic only because of extreme allergies to chemicals. Squash bugs. Do you know of an organic way to stop them? Thank you and God bless

Jim White says:

Thank you for sharing both new and old experience’s along with a logical set pros and cons. I recently found your channel and think you guys are doing a great job.

Jothimurugan P says:

Hei, Excellent. What is the name of the plants planted in your right hand…….