A 1960s Seiko Automatic 6216A Restoration and Full Service Watch Repair Tutorial

Forgot to mention in the video – the array of different screws in this movement is incredible – seems like a different screw for nearly every fitting. Did anybody notice the mistake I made in the video and later it got rectified? Why not watch again and then comment below if you spot the mistake 🙂
In this video we take an extremely tired old 1960’s Seiko Automatic 6216A gentlemans wristwatch and give it a fresh lease of life.

Film Free Decal Products used in this video – TYPE A: or I did not use the glue in this video.

Canon Laser Printer Used in this video: or or choose an alternative color laser but the highest resolution you can afford. e.g. 1200dpi
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Mark Berry says:

Thank you. Your expertise and patience is remarkable.

Orland Punzalan says:

great job and very watchable video. its not boring to watch as like the others

Raphaël Lacour says:

Once again I can't describe the joy all your videos bring me, this is juste 33minute of pleasure, and I could watch it again and again without getting bored, thank you So much for your work !

Selwyn Tracey says:

Thanks for posting. Great video great content.

pradeep kumar says:

…..i own a omega seamaster automatic almost fifty years old in perfect mechanical condition. however, the steel bracelet and the dial's lacquer polish need restoration for aesthetic reasons as does the watch requires servicing. any good or official service centres in india?


Lord Buckley says:

Hi! What a fun video. I wasn’t going to mention but since you asked… That stray tail in the middle of the S.

Scott H says:

I enjoyed this restoration immensely. My interest in learning watch repair, and watching you is for the joy of restoring vintage watches. Although I enjoy watches and complications, having a vintage piece come back to life is very gratifying from my point of view. Mark, I believe this watch was indeed worth the time and money you put into it, a fantastic job! I also thought the movement was well designed, and frankly have never seen a jewel on a barrel spring bridge before. Thank you for this video and for restoring this great watch!

Marie579 says:

sometimes the worth of a item can't just be measured by money alone, it looks lovely to see it finished and living again. Thanks so much for posting video.

James Miller says:

You voice reminds me of the guy in Juggernaut that played Buckland. When he calls and talks to them on the phone, before they know who he is. And I'm an American that lives in California so no offense intended. When I saw the thumbnail and description of this I thought, "no way, restore an old watch?" You really have to know what you are doing to take all that apart and put it all back together. That was incredible to watch and it looks great! NOW it has sentimental value.

Zak_7 says:

Impressive work 👍

benny blanco says:

I'm glad you didn't gave up on number 3

Michael Kane says:

Amazing work. Really enjoyed watching that video. Mick Northern Ireland 👍🍻

Rishi says:

Very cool! Enjoyable to watch!

Alan White says:

I had this watch. Given to me by my Dad. It was from around the mid sixties. Unfortunately it was stolen when someone broke into my house. Still gutted about it now and it was over 20 years ago.

Antonio Romero says:

you are crazy man!!!! It looks awesome!!!!!

Syed Hasnain Ahmed says:

Its always a good sign when the 💓 starts beating

Syed Hasnain Ahmed says:

Really, mechanical is the mother of all technoligies

Syed Hasnain Ahmed says:

Really amazing, awesome skills

Michael says:

I would happily wear that gorgeous watch with pride. Nice work 👍🏻
If you ever want to sell, first dibs 🙏🏻

Qwerty Man says:

Perfectionist would be an understatement to describe you, Bravo!

Syed Hasnain Ahmed says:

O my God, much more complicated than a computer

A Jones says:

Awesome work and tutorial!!! I simply love watching you do your magic. Your videos definitely give inspiration those of us who dream of someday performing more detailed projects like the silvering and printable dial decals. Thanks for your efforts, and sharing your knowledge with us!!!

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