9 Great Watches for Small Wrists (Under 40mm) // Seiko, Rolex, Hamilton and MORE

If you have wrists that are thinner than 7″ around, I think wearing watches for small wrists (anything under 40mm case diameter) is the way to go. In this video, I’ve asked some of my favorite watch enthusiasts here on YouTube to share their picks for the best watches for small wrists. I also share one of my current favorite small watches, the Hamilton Khaki Mechanical 38mm.

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Jon Shanahan –
▪ Nordgreen Philosopher –
▪ Orient Stella –

Barron Cuadro –
▪ Rolex Datejust 16030 –

Teddy Baldassare –
▪ Nomos Ahoi Neomatik –

Alessandro Perta –
▪ Seiko SNXS79K –

Christian Zeron –
▪ Omega Seamaster –
▪ Cartier Tank Louis –
▪ Rolex Datejust –

Brock’s Pick:
▪ Hamilton Khaki Mechanical –
▪ Grey Henley –
▪ Blue Hoodie –

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The Modest Man says:

What's your favorite smaller watch (under 40mm)? Here's my pick –

Norman Pedersen says:

The Caliper View is a fun smaller watch.

Norman Pedersen says:

Great vid! Actually I think lug to lug is the most important measurement. A larger watch whose design results in a decent lug to lug still, won't overhang the wrist etc.

24jccst says:

Do you have any suggestions for short watch bands? Leather, NATO, ect…

كله تقنية says:


porschephile2k3 says:

So this is what Shaun White does after a hard day's work of snowboarding. LOL!

tport20 says:

Yes! Got teddy on there!

SirLoneWolf says:

Thanks for the video. My favourite watch for my smaller wrist is the Stowa Marine Classic 36, fantastic watch with a lot of history behind it.

M. Brown says:

What about the Omega Seamaster 300 midsize?

insanic1 says:

Love dress watches hate bauhaus, its so ugly and plain

WIKO says:

Omega Constellation Manhattan 35 m is my favorite.

Tchubira Biron says:

excellent video

NJ 9 says:

I have a 6.25-30 wrist can i wear a gmt master ii? I know it's 40mm. what I'm asking is will it look okay on my wrist?

Mike Messiah says:


tbyjb says:

Thank you so much. I’m looking for a semi luxury watch like a baume mercier but hard to find in a 38mm or less

Misha E says:

woow. this is a great video. Soo innovative and fresh touch on Youtube fashion section. great work man

maxpaine 0827 says:

Brock please please can you answer this question. The first guy he has a watch square small gold 33 or 32 mm i think whats the name or brand? Amd model please let me know

Mark Kouznetsov says:

I guess, it's an American problem or something, if those watches are only for "smaller" wrists. Mine are just little above average and I wear a 35mm JLC that is ultra thin and has really small lugs and have no problem with that. 42mm is already borderline ridiculous. I try to avoid that except if it's a chronograph. For a diver – 38-40-41 (max). I don't get this obsession with 44mm-48mm watches.

utakata houmatsu says:

great video!

John Kish says:

Sea-Gull 1963 or the Dan Henry 1964 in 38mm

Dragan Lulic says:

I dont feel comfortable taking advice from a guy who says OMEEGA..

bg147 says:

The Nomos is sharp. I was always sensitive about my wrist size and everything else for that matter. However, I think it is ok to have one watch that is over-sized just for a change. I would not spend a lot on it, but it could be fun.

Michael S says:


Faheem Yazdani says:

I have small wrists and my newly purchased Khaki Field Auto 38mm is just THE perfect size. Not too big nor too small. I love it! Gorgeous watch that can also be dressed up, extremely versatile imo

Curtis Clegg says:

I enjoyed this collaboration between watch reviewers! My two favorite small watches so far are the 34mm Junghans Max Bill and the 36mm Glycine Combat 6. My next watch will probably be the 33.5 mm Seiko Dolce SACM171.

Manoel Felipe says:

My wrist is around 5.5 inches. Definitely a very slender wrist.

slomojoe77 says:

36mm on a 7.5in wrist lol get real

JCK Timeless says:

I have a 6.5” wrist which is on the smaller side but my go to everyday watch is an 42mm Omega Speedmaster Pro.

It has pretty short lug to lug so It wears like a 40mm watch from my experience.

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