7 Best Bass Lures That Work Year Round | Bass Fishing

7 Best Bass Lures That Work Year Round | Bass Fishing

Here are the best bass lures that catch fish all year long! If you’re on a budget, then here are the best baits for your buck!

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Bella The dog says:

I think the best is those purple worms i catch a ton a fish in my dad’s work pond

Sully McShane says:

Do you use the uni knot with braided line too? Also what line do you fish spinnerbaits on? Thanks and awesome video!


These are always my favorites, too!

Matthew Brownlee says:

Thank you so much for the great information. I’ve always loved fishing, but I never thought I would have brain surgery and at this point fishing will be the only thing I can do until I’m better! I cannot wait to go back to work once my neurosurgeon allows me to do so, so for the time being I’m going to get back into what I used to love dearly. Fishing! I’ll be stopping by Cabela’s for lures, then throwing the line in the water and thanking God I can be able to do so.

Babay Bluegill says:

senko my #1

William Morrow says:

Love the spinner baits one of my favorite go to baits. Chatter baits for search baits. Can’t go wrong with the worms do many ways to use them.

Jakob Folmar says:

Frogs, frogs and more frogs.

PanFishing101 says:

make a video about the best lures for small bass from the shore

Patricia Rutherford says:

Hey I’m not a boy. You have a lady fishing fan too lol. But thank you for this video. I’m on my way to try them out this whole weekend! Camping and fishing, life doesn’t get much better than that

William Schneider says:

This great info for the novice. With a little info application a person will naturally develop their own preferences based on what worked best for them.

Rashida Dhoodhat says:

Watermelon seed and watermelon red

Colby Ainslie says:

Notice how he says as long as it’s white 😅😅😅

Calvin P says:

Thanks man going on a solitude trip and trying to get some fishing in and I haven’t tried fishing for bass yet but they will be plentiful where I’m going so I will now be fully prepared.

Jack Gudgel says:

I’m a bank fisherman in western Nebraska; one thing I would add is that locally, weighted worms seldom work for me. Most of my success with bass is an unweighted plastic worm on a 4.0 Tru-Turn. Just my two-cents-worth.

Genna Shapiro says:

Gonna go buy me some jigs, crank baits, jerk baits, craw worms, spinner baits, finesse worms & LipLess Crankbaits! Thanks!


I am new to fishing, do I have to put any other bait on that hook hanging under the fake bait?

chop chopcity says:

what about popers they work amazing.

jdmrider says:

Soooo get everything but swimbaits and top water frogs

XpressJack says:

I say stick baits flat out catch fish

beangone beangone says:

Very good video thanks

W. G. GAO says:


Al Perry says:

So who won the contest ???

Karim PJP says:

You deserve much more subs

Bill Does Stuff says:

Where is the tube jigs? Tubes are killer for Bass! Better than any Jerkbait I’ve ever used and better than skirted Bass spinner baits you mentioned. I know plenty of guys who swear by the tubes and so do I.

Brian Choi says:

Great video but if all those baits are good all year around, anytime and any situation… why have 7?

Triton Fishing says:

Great video for sure! It’s got me wanting to go out and rip up some lips today! Too bad I can’t….. lol

The Real-Moderate says:

Thank you so much Glenn for all that knowledge! I’m new to the bass fishing thing here , and you gave me some great insight on what to use.

Andrew Payne says:

Great list! Love your videos and emails

pauljrhere says:

Suprised there were no top water

Trenton Scheffer says:

Can you use this off the bank

Cheyenne Bassett says:

Quality content as always. Many thanks

Mike Dion says:

If it won’t bit a worm I can’t catch it lol

john ulmer says:

Spinner baits and rattle traps. When all else fails, they are the go-to for me.

Texas Papa says:

Your right! The more versatility you have the better chance you have on getting a great bass

Mr.Alonzo Fairley jr says:


The muffets Grandpa says:

Great video for the novice and refresher for the seasoned Angler who like myself, can get stuck in their ways and stop utilizing the all those “other” lures in their arsenal. Definitely appreciate the information!

Crossing the Line says:

Bass eat everything that moves


Did he say taco store or tackle store 😂

Eddie Blanco says:

Another Great Video glen.. Thank You!

Andrew Favreau says:

What is your opinion on chatter baits

Jason Powers says:

Lol 7 lures. But they make 1500 variances of these 7 lures so you need about a grand to outfit your tackle box.

Illya Kuzmych says:

Why is the nun an ad? I want to watch a fishing video not pee myself

Thales Doxa says:

I never get luck with bass😔

Frank Mclain says:

No beetle spin?

Fishing & BBQ with MItchtram says:

Nice job on the video… as they say tackle catches more fisherman than fish! Hahaha

Gretchen Seidle says:

Thank you so much I caught a 11 pounder

JJTHEGamingMaster # says:


_GabeQ01_ On Instagram says:

Lol so many people disagree with his list. It all depends where you are fishing. Personally for me in Florida, Swimbaits and jerkbaits work best. Saltwater or Freshwater

fred denney says:

Not very helpful. I.E. — You gave 7 categories of baits and showed about 24 different lures. What artificial lure would you suggest NOT to buy?

David Bronstein says:

Love your videos: except for one MAJOR problem: you need to add info and links on the specific baits you’re showing! Otherwise there is NO way for a beginner fisherman to figure out brands and even types of lures you’re talking about or where to buy them. Check out tacticalbassin for a good example of how to do this. Just trying to be helpful, I really do love your videos, keep up the great work!