$500 Target Haul!! Interior Decor Shopping Spree!

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Watch Pretty Pastel Please’s part 2 here:

Skip to 4.25 for the makeover if you ain’t got time for our intro!

Alex gave us a $500 Target Haul challenge to redecorate her new apartment. Trusting the Marshmallow Gals with something so important…..valid? or incredibly stupid?? watch for shenanigans, cool target stuff and the gals struggle with all things life.

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“Disco con Tutti” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Ninis1233 says:

I watched the original video with the phone recordings and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt like I was shopping with y'all on facetime!! Love both of your energies, excited to watch future vids?

EriDesVids says:

Folk need to get over themselves. So what if your microphone sounds like it's in the bottom of a toaster? Still had lovely fun watching the original video(s), ladies.

Frank& Beans says:

You two are too cuuuutttteeee!!!!!

KariD143 says:

I love your video and you guys regardless of the camera and mic

Jennifer Druckemiller says:

I would have left the video up and told ppl that they're welcome to buy you a nice camera and microphone. Oh they won't? That's what I thought. I enjoyed the first video! You're new to YouTube you're not going to be perfect right off the bat. I want to start my own channel too!

smrdena corapa says:

can u please tell me where did u buy those pink dresses that both of u are wearing???????

coffeegirl18 says:

There's giant Pikmi Pops. I need one ???

The whole video was fine, I don't see why people had to be so critical of you. I started my channel this year and the only reason I had a camera was I had to have one for college. Otherwise it was on my phone or on my grainy hd webcam.

OhElvira says:

Personally I was only annoyed because you made everything look so tacky and then ruined the decent items by DIYing everything badly. It’s a huge waste of money.

redweathertiger says:

you two are so charming!!

Toothie Tooth says:

That bookcase in the background is me, Harry Potter… and some random other shit too but most importantly Harry Potter.

Duckie_13 says:

Fudge them haters! You are doing wonderful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????

smile at Chuu says:

This is a really good video and I’m proud that you are slowly improving! I would suggest editing in some colouring ( or more colouring if you do ) for example saturation and I feel like it will really make your video stand out! I’m so excited to continue watching your channel and I hope you see my comment 🙂

Sugar Plum says:

You're both adorable but as someone passing by I'd like to suggest the beautiful girl on the right wear a bra. I can see your entire nipple and your breast is sitting on your lap…it's all I can stare at. I assume this will be taken as hate- it's not. As a viewer this is really off putting on anotherwise adorable outfit.

Doris Vigil says:

I love your videos! You both have great energy, it reminds me of hanging with my bff. And yay, there’s a Sam in this video! ??

o8ashes8o says:

I actually really liked the phone recordings: it was super fun. But alas. Haters Gunna Hate lol. You girls are amazing and beautiful! ??

hearteater says:

I also came from Alex's channel and I think y'all are adorable. I'll admit that the video is a bit scattered and not the best quality, but that's what happens with new channels when people are learning. Most channels start out looking/sounding a bit rough and gradually increase their quality as they get more subs, learn better techniques, and upgrade their equipment. Don't let the negative people keep you from doing your thing or hurt your feelings. Some people just suck.

pinkmilkteahime says:

I'm so sorry ppl were asses. you are lovely gals.

Tessa Ladd says:

So I think with the $500, your best bet to stretch it as FAAAAAAAAAAAAR as you could, would be thrift stores, DIY projects, trying to mimic furniture and items you like, and even yard sales! It's cheap, but if you clean things up super well, you can run some dang TRAIN with $500AUD, or $300USD. It probably still wouldnt be a full apartment, but you could definitely expand your horizons. On top of that, take pictures of the areas/rooms you feel interested in redecorating in the future if this ends up becoming something you enjoy doing on your channel. Taking pictures allows you to look at what you have to work with while out shopping, and it could even help you decide on how to modify the space. Just moving furniture can really open up a room! I thought the first video was a wonderful attempt and I look forward to seeing where you go from here. c:

Kelly Oogjen says:

May i give you a genuine tip; the music is louder then your talking. Maybe a bit softer next video because it's a bit distracting. Other than that good quality camera and sound! 🙂

LovelyLady Galaxy says:

Girls I'm proud of you. Alex I wonderful and you're learning from the best! Hoping to start my own channel soon as well. Just keep going girls!!! ???

Val Young says:

Definitely worth the $80! So cute ???

pelo_chicle de_fresa says:

I liked the original video better. I loved watching you guys walking and chatting with Sam around Target, it was funny and felt more personal. I didn't scroll down the comments so I didn't know that people were being rude and I just can't understand why, I can't see how the quality of the video affected the content.
When I go on youtube I don't expect the quality of a Hollywood movie, you just started uploading recently and have just a few videos so why would you spend thousands of dollars on equipment already? You shouldn't have to if you don't want to.
You DO NOT deserve the hate.
Someone commented on Alex' video that people were saying negative things about your personal appearance, is that true??? Probably brats with self esteem issues… I just can't understand… really…
Well girls, I just hope you don't believe those comments and continue making videos. You are funny and beautiful and cheer my day up every time you upload. Tons of hugs!!! ❤

TheMany says:

This is a great video.

Justice Kaye says:

I just spent the entire afternoon watching your videos and I had a ball. You two are the cutest, you're so much fun. Keep making videos , they're awesome 🙂

Elizabeth Allen says:

I’m so sorry for all those awful comments before! You girls are so cute

Danielle Renee says:

I adore you guys. YouTube is lucky to have you 🙂

Frogzilla says:

I’m here from the adorable Alex’s channel and have subscribed to yours! Wishing you all the best from England ???????

Kayci Johns says:

You girls are so fun! I came from Alex's channel and I'm here to stay. Keep posting. You're so genuine and its hard to find that on YouTube.

Indigo Montoya says:

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to the first version of this. You're learning and growing, after all! Glad you didn't let it keep you down!

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