5 Cool Video Effects You NEED To Try!

5 Cool Video Effects You NEED To Try!

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Learn creative applications of 5 cool video editor effects!

1) Masking:
The first effect Im gonna talk about is called masking. Masking produces special effects using various shapes, allowing more than one video to play together. We used masking in Filmora for almost the entire skit. This is what created the illusion of my mirror image doing different things than me. As well as what created the clone effect you see where my mirror self joins me on the news broadcast.

To do masking effects in filmora, Drag the two video clips you want to use into the two PIP tracks, putting the video you want masked out on the bottom most track. Right click the top clip in the timeline and select the Mask option. Select the masking shape you want to use. In this video, we used the square shape to completely mask the right half of the bottom clip with the left top one. Then, drag the sliders around to completely mask the area you want to cover.

A split screen displays two or more clips together, but separated into different screens. This effect you may be familiar with, but I wanted to show you a unique way to apply it to help a character’s emotional moment in a story. See how we use the split-screen to create tension between me and my mirror self in our showdown.

To add Split Screen in filmora: Click the “Split Screen” button above the timeline. Then you can browse and preview different kinds of split screen frame in the library. Choose your favorite one and drag and drop it onto the timeline. Alternatively, right click on the preset and choose “Apply” to add it to the timeline.

3) Motion Graphics
Elements, Overlays, Transitions, Filters, and TEXT are all 2D motion graphics you can use to enhance your videos in Filmora. To add any of these effects, simply select one from any of the 4 categories, and drag and drop it onto the timeline where you want to enhance your video clip. In this part of the skit we added my very favorite filter, the chromattic abberation which you can find in Filmora’s distortion filters tab. We also used some overlays and transitions from the the News Preset pack you can add to Filmora through a subscription to the Filmora Effects Store. Just as with the other motion graphics, once you have the overlay preset installed, all you have to do is locate it in the media finder and drag it under your clips in the timeline.

Text effects include Intros, Titles & Lower thirds, which are graphic overlays placed in the center or lower area of the screen. To add titles or lower thirds in filmora, select the text credit tab above the timeline. Find the text or title you want and drag it onto your timeline. Then double click on it to edit the text. If you want to adjust the length of the text overlay, clicking on it in the timeline “Text” track and dragging it out to expand the time or in to reduce the time.

4) Green Screen
To use Green Screen to key out colors in filmora, first Drag and drop the video clip you want to key a color out of into the Picture in Picture track, and put the image you want behind the keyed out color in the track below it. Right click the clip in the timeline and select the Chroma Key Green Screen option. The Picture in Picture window will pop up, and this is where you can preview your clip and key out certain colors. Now, Check the “Make parts of the clip transparent” box. With the mouse, let’s use the picker tool and select the color I want to key out, so in our case: the green from the green screen sheet behind me. Then drag the slider to adjust the Intensity Level. As you can tell, this slider will affect the transparency your clip. Keep in mind you don’t have to key out just the green color, you can do this to pretty much anything.

5) VFX
VFX are like motion graphics but are 3d and often combine live footage and digital effects together to create the more realistic environments that would typically be dangerous or impractical to capture on film.

Our video makes use of Filmora’s blockbuster effects presets in these scenes where you see the explosions in the glasses as well the smoke appear when my clone first appears outside the mirror. You can get VFX like these by getting a subscription to the Filmora Effects Store. And once you’ve loaded them into the software, you can simply drag and drop them onto the timeline and move and resize them to fit your video clips. Look how easy it is to apply the VFX onto our newscast skit. OR into the glasses during the mirror showdown

Thanks for watching everyone! I hope this video helps you get the most out of your editing software. Please hit that sweet subscribe button and stay tuned for weekly filmmaking tutorials 🙂


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