4D SpongeBob Ride (RIP Stephen Hillenburg)

4D SpongeBob Ride (RIP Stephen Hillenburg)

Despicable Me 3 4D Experience : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4TPqgDZWT8

SpongeBob 4D Ride : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP-L3EmoP40&t=31s

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Written By : Kaz C.H – Greenblatt – Mark O’ Hare

Directed By : Tom Yasumi

Story By : Steven Banks

SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D (also known as SpongeBob SquarePants: The Ride) is a cel-shaded 4-D film based upon the popular television series SpongeBob SquarePants. It can be found at many aquariums and theme parks across the world. The ride consists of a pre-show which then leads into a stadium seated auditorium. The ride is in 4-D, meaning it is a motion simulator with a 3D movie. The effects on the ride vary at different parks. Water spray, bubbles, wind, leg ticklers, smoke, and smells are usually found.

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Steven Andrade says:

I know I’m late but Mr. crabs

Hex the Hedgehog says:

*i have unlimited air underwater*

beast rider says:

Rip Stephen hillenbug you did good in spongebob

Gᴏᴏғʏ says:

So many good ppl died this year xxxtentacion, Steven halking, Stan lee and now Stephen hillenburg

Sound Shock says:

I remember this, they had the ride at our aquarium

Kitten Force says:

Rip the creator of spongebob 😭😭😭😭😭

Fullest Racer15 says:

Is this a ride at a theme park

Shark fan of the sea says:

All that……..for a fucking pickle

Alexander the Greater says:

This is goddamn creepy I don’t care what y’all say

Олег Сидорович says:

Страшна вырубай нахой

Caillou Titty says:

How sad that he will never get to ride this

Bradley Doherty says:

how was this made in september if he died in November?

Just Another Animator says:

Play the song at de Super Bowl!!!!

RED S says:

rest in piece 4th wall

Blood Suit says:

im suffocating….

nєptunє says:


Benjamin Smithynunta says:

I remember riding these 4D things.

Depressed Llama says:

This makes me remember about the sponge bob game on the Nintendo DS

Deku .m says:

Thanks I figured out the burgers secret

Gacha dude says:

We all miss you Stephen Hillenburg

Baxter Lipperd says:

Oof is cRy if that private came at me in 3d

Logan Ridgeway says:

Wait he died 2 months ago!?

Manuel Gamboa says:

Isn’t this from the spongebob ride that used to be at great America

Ellis Roque says:


Namez Flicker says:

I remember I when I watched this ride when a was younger.

x o says:

I love this so much… 😭

XzSEPANzXGT Channel says:

Hillen burg is captain hi hi

s p o o k i f i e d says:

Tf is going on

Herobrine gaming says:

RIP Stephen 😭

Suani Avila says:

Did you say 4D

RoseNatural says:

Woah this is cool and freaky

B0G10ANKA TV says:

Я один усский?

ClickClan AFL 2 says:

When he said Good in you go that sounds like hes Raping h8m SHIT

the awesome vincent 1000 RBLX says:


Flaming Daffodil says:

Wait. This was uploaded 2 months ago and Stephen passed just like a week ago…

The Abstract Chicken says:


roberto Martinez says:

You know the future

JakeDash2018 Fazbear says:

Goodbye Stephen hillemburg

cnanerbrayden8238 says:

Salute, guy went back just to change the title.

Kim Neil Mariano says:

May stephen hillenburg rest in peace

Deivi Mancilla Menendez says:

4:33 is it just me or does he look like a goomba?

I’m A Man says:

*Disney laughs*
*nick cries their heart out*

NoIcE says:

*I’m curious how this was posted in September…*

Space Babe says:

Like anything in life not comple with out a pickle." So true

Unwanted_Television says:

Me ^watches this video^
Me: nice
My phone/yt: *-freezes-*

king toxic says:

Pasipasi pusi pasi papasi puki memek ??? 🙁

michael gindy says:

i watched this in VR!!!

darking rs says:

4k good😎😎😎😎😎

Troy Jarrell says:

Should be in vr

lcvetea says:

*me on thanksgiving:*