40 Incredible Facts About Space That Are Easy to Remember

40 Incredible Facts About Space That Are Easy to Remember

Space exploration is one of the most mind-blowing and intriguing things to do. Did you know, for example, that black holes make sounds? Or that distant galaxies send radio signals? Or that there’s a whole lot of water floating in space? These are just some of the curious sounds and stuff scientists have discovered in outer space.

Space facts are always interesting to learn. We’ve collected the most amazing facts and recent discoveries about outer space for you including facts about the planets of our solar system, moons, Milky Way, and beyond! By the way, some facts about astronauts are also on the list!

Saturn’s rings 0:22
Metal snow 0:48
What a light-year is 1:30
Water floating in space 1:50
A perpetual storm 2:25
Color me weightless 2:34
Will we with the Andromeda galaxy? 3:00
Why we see the same side of the moon 3:26
Why you’ll never see a black hole 3:50
Office of planetary protection 4:17
How much a spacesuit costs 4:55
The biggest diamond ever is a star 5:21
Space silence 6:13
White hole 6:58
What if you shoot at the moon with lasers 7:22
The most productive scientific instrument 8:20
What an astronomical unit is 8:34
The speed is ISS 8:59
Space Surveillance Network 9:10

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