3M – Bigger Than You Know

3M – Bigger Than You Know

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Episode Description:
I’m confident in saying 3M is bigger than most people realize, you may not have even heard of them. Over 100 years of innovation (and some luck early on) has resulted in over $30 billion in annual sales, they’re one of the 30 companies that make up the Dow, and make many of the products you encounter daily. In this video I talk about how they got so big and why most people don’t realize how big they are.

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Austin Beverage says:

Please do YouTube advertisers like skillshare, Nord vpn …

Kento Nishi says:

Microsoft – Apple – Amazon video plz?

E Tech says:

Do a Video on Tesla Motors

somerando says:

I am in the minority that had a grasp of 3Ms size. I use some of their adhesive for work and realized I set all sorts of their products almost everywhere now. And I visited their site quite recently to be surprised by just how many things they sell

Dylan Gullason says:

I work in mechanical trades and 3M is absolutely everywhere. All of our safety equipment is made by 3M. Everything from hard hats, to gloves, to the tape used in the bosses office. It’s all 3M.

Isaiah Joseph says:

I worked at fast food and the drive thru headset were 3M. Thays when i started to notice that they were everywhere

TecHead 2000 says:

3M also manufactures headsets used for fast food drive-thrus.

Cycada Acolyte says:

I’ve always used their masking tapes and sand paper through various trades.
Honestly can’t say I’ve seen anything that even competed with M3 for masking or sanding and I’ve spent many a hour doing both.

vick deweo says:

This was one of the video’s that could have been super interesting and it turned into, 3m is really big, you should research it yourself. Disappointing.

Griffey 🔥 Light ⚡ says:

Sorry but

Miguel Monreal says:

Construction industry 3M makes grad hats, safety glasses, respirators, firestop grease duct wrap and you guessed it….. tape

Mike Penn says:

Can you do avnet? I only know they are high on the list and not well known.

Stephen says:

You also might know how big they are if you’re one of those 40k employees. Lets see…all those huge white boards, those are 3M and the film that makes all those photos on the sides of semis, also 3M. Bondo and Aero brands are also 3M. And usually when you see a cheaper brand beside a 3M brand, 3M usually owns that too. 😂

Daniel Ballew says:

Our company’s biggest competitor in the food microbiology sector is 3M’s petri film. It’s like the Wright Brother’s trying to compete with current day Boeing at times…

Dale Stephanson says:

I’m a mechanical insulator and I occasionally use 3M tape for my work, it’s always one of the better quality brands. I’ve also used a product called VentureClad, it was used to wrap a box made from insulation in a mechanical room.

Triads says:

Hey, can you make a video on Bollywood, Yeah "B"ollywood… It’s not a company but the size of the industry is mind-blowing…

Majestic Llama says:

You should do the fall of RadioShack

timmmahhhh says:

One way I learned how international they are: I was an architecture student in Italy 1988 and wanted to buy cellophane tape. I sketched a tape dispenser in my sketchbook and showed it to the cashier who spoke no English and she said "ah..Scotch tape" with a long o but close enough. Mind was blown.

XRay_Photon Gaming says:

Sandpaper makes me cringe when I touch it. So does the sound it makes.

First Name says:

I used to work for this company and just to give you an idea of how big 3M is, I can say with confidence that it is almost impossible to go through out your daily life without encountering/using at least 10 3M products each day. You are probably using one of their product right now without even knowing it.

Deez Knutz says:

I knew this episode would be coming when I started using abrasive grinding wheels for metal at a job. I saw how many I was going through in an hour, & figured every industrial company would be using the same products all over the world – $$$ for 3M. Then I started to notice 3M on lots of shit, like how you mention near the end haha.

VulpesHilarianus says:

Masking tape wasn’t used on the assembly line. Like, at all. The bodies were painted long before they ever made it near the rest of the parts of the vehicle that you’d need to keep from getting paint onto. Meaning they didn’t care about painting things carefully. The only time masking tape would be used would be during collision repair, where you don’t want overspray getting onto the trim or rubber bits and causing dry rot. Either that, or the mod scene where people would do their own custom paintjobs on the vehicle.

Masking tape was used far more often for resprays on stationary objects like signs, windows, doorways, and railings. Not for cars.

DrStreaks says:

Do autozone dude,

Heath Farrell says:

Fashion uses the reflective 3M material in shoes and clothes now too

Evrydayzawrkday says:

3M Litmann Cardiology IV is literally a "buy it for life". I got it when I graduated EMT school in 2005, and literally almost 14 years later it still is working fine.

Sure, I have had to replace the eartips a few times along with the diaphragm (its been a while so that name may not be right, basically the part that covers the bell), but the main body of the device is still working without any issues.

10/10 – would buy again.

WildJag4free says:

I use 3M product on a daily basis. Sticking reflective tape on traffic cones…

mc_ davey says:

i thought it said 3 million bigger than you know

Shannon Vlogs says:

So embarrassed about my lack of corundum knowledge

Razor Jack says:

I work in a factory right next to a 3M factory. From what I understand, this building only makes various hoses, some of which are used in MY factory.

Haiku Metzger says:

It’s no wonder they’re part of the DOW. If they aren’t doing well, it’s hard to imagine *anyone* is.

Angry Saxony Ball says:

3M made my companys reflective safety vests.

santiago conde morales says:

over 90000 employeeeeeeeeeeez 1:10

Hoosier Jonny says:

I love what you do with videos. You make very interesting videos out of topics that most probably would not even care about and turn it into a fascinating story that is worth listening to. For me as a business admin. student I love facts about business through our studies but I would assume I would be in a large minority at most when it comes to why I find these so interesting. That is what is great about this channel, it makes these brands more interesting and helps you kind of respect them more…or hate them in the cases of a few (looking at you Hallmark!). I really look forward to the content you produce because even brands I could care less about can be shown to be just as interesting as those I love. For future recommendations I would personally encourage you to do one on Pepsi especially with there interesting past with disarming the Soviet Union. Also totally fascinating story to be told about Tabasco sauce and the Civil War. Both of these companies have great histories to cover with the channel!

135th Darksword says:

They also make high quality ear protection/tactical communications headsets for both the civilian and the warfighter under the Peltor brand. Can confirm that they’re fantastic.

Jacquizz Lemons says:

3m is also big in the clothing market. Any clothing or shoes that has a reflective piece to it is usually colloquially known as 3m. I’m guessing they make reflective spray or something

Aayush Agrawal says:

Fingerprint sensors.. in India more than a billion people have been enrolled for the National biometric id scheme and most enrollment centres use 3M machines for the job

Scott Bailey says:

You should do Unilever at some point

William Degnan says:

When I was in the telephone business, we used a ton of 3M products.

-Scotchlock UR, insulation displacement, jellyfilled wire splices

-88T electrical tape. This stuff shears square ended when you stretch it. So you don’t need to cut it. Same stuff without the "T" is available for electrical.

LOTS of specialized splices and cable management products. There is easily $50 worth of it loose in the bottom of my 30-year old phone toolbox.

Thiagosch Purpura says:

In argentina (and in all latino América) burgerking uses a Sort of sponge for cleaning everything, well.. Is a 3m product, and i am almost sure that McDonald’s uses the same.
Also in argentina we use some of the scotch products daily

Salami Pastrami says:

4:41….. *BOIS*

Catie Quimby says:

My great grandfather invested in 3M after he returned home from WWII and made a fortune decades later.

Aunt Jemima says:

Next on bigger than you know

The kkk

carshatter says:

do Hitachi

cuckling says:

i always find that they put the 3m logo really big under the brand, the only brand i didnt know they had was sticky notes

Thunder Birb says:

Do one on Mott MacDonald! (The Engineering Consulting company)

Tanner Robinson says:

Being from Minnesota, I know all about them. They even came to my Intro to engineering class at at school that is not accredited to see who would be interested in internships in a year or two.

EpicRaptorMan says:

I thought they just made really strong metal binding tape :0

And the red backing on that 3M tape is a pain to remove too!

Isaac Hernandez says:

Talk about fender!

Paulo Roberto says:

From Brazil Here o/ A nearby city that i live has a giant factory there they make a bit of everything there most of as said on video are used in industry (car filters and construction Itens like outlet switch), also the band-aid, all glue/adesive related products, for cleanning they just have 3 main products the sponge, cloths and rubber gloves