2018 Movie | Dunkirk The Real Story | Full Length


uta gordon says:

I wonder if the part concerning the return of about 140,000 French troops "to continue the fight" without hardly any arms was really accurate and the commentator deliberately quickly glossed over the true facts of their quick return ? After all logically the rescued French places could have been given up to to the British. There is a more fundamental and sinister reason why the French did not remain in England to guard against any expected German invasion.
It needs a through investigation by a decent historian, but somehow I doubt if the archives on either side will be opened up to divulge what ACTUALLY happened to the rescued French

Raymond Saquet says:

"Wars are not won by evacuations" Says the scotch whisky lover. Oh no, they're won by DRAGGING THE USA INTO YOUR MESS!

marco garza says:

God bless them soul's 🌏😎🤕💀💀💀

Dil Williams says:

The French's Folly….Hitler's Fallacy.

akooh zakiawafa says:

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Candy two says:

French fought very well.

Talitoshi Jamir says:

French army lack of modern warfare. They were not prepared for a fast and mobile offensive.

Daniel Kneeland says:

The Bottom Line is that the French, British, Dutch and Belgian Armies thought the Main German Attack would be a repeat of the "Schiefflen Plan" of 1914 in World War I where, the main German Assault would come though the Aachen Gap in Southern Holland and Northern Belgium and turn south towards Paris. But when this Initial German Attack Plan was captured by the the French and German Armies in the Winter of 1939-40, German Field Marshall Manstein was able to persuade Hitler to attack in the Center through the Southern Ardennes in Belgium and attack North toward the British Channel around Calais. So, when the German Blitzkrieg began on the Night of May 9-10, 1940, the French Army followed the "Dyle River Maneuver" of World War I and moved into Southern Holland and Northern Belgium along the Dyle River to stop what They believed to be the Main German Assault through Southern Holland and Northern Belgium and before the Germans turned south towards Paris. So, 4 French Armies and the British Army were trapped when the Germans launched the "Schwerpunkt" of the Attack with a Massed 46 Panzer, Motorized and Infantry Divisions through Southern Belgium and then turned North, now called the "Sedan Maneuver", trapping the British Expeditionary Force of 10 Divisions and 4 French Armies with over 40 Divisions in Holland and Northern Belgium in the Perimeter around Dunkirk which lead to a startling German Victory much greater than the successful Invasion of Poland in September 1939 and Scandavia in April of 1940. It was the fault primarily of the Senior French Command who lead by General Gamelin who was almost 70 years old couldn't comprehend that German Armored Units could go through the Ardennes Forest Terrain in Southern Belgium and Holland. Amazingly, the French came out of World War II the 4th Greatest Power in the World in 1945. Daniel Kneeland, Grafton, Ma.

R. E. Stone says:

I tire of the commonly-voiced, unfounded opinion many 'Mericans have that French troops didn't pull their weight in either World War. The horrific casualties they suffered in preventing the Germans from taking Verdun in World War I, and their success at the Battle of Arras in World War II are by no means the only episodes of French elan.

Alison Hilll says:

History is written by the victors in this case Reuters owned by the Zionist Rothschilds do your Research on this we have been lied to . The only people to win are the Zionist Jews and their blackmailed bribed little play things we died they made money . The next war will be the a peoples war against Zionist funded invasion of Europe with Muslims that are in the way of the greater Israel project . Do your research don't believe me the facts are out there look for them start with Barbara Spector .

Alison Hilll says:

Like all wars this was funded by bankers but this war was funded by Zionist Jewish bankers and they funded both sides they won they got Israel just like the Russian revolution were 50 million Christians were killed by a 85% jewish Russian government . I just wish people would see through the bullshit and see the Zionist money . If you believe in god the Zionist jews are the devil read Churchills " The International Jew " READ THAT BEFORE GIVING ME ANY BS THANK YOU .

Alison Hilll says:

If you research this the Brits and France had more and better motorized units and tanks than the Germans . So this is all bit strange I am no expert but there is something a bit fishy about the whole thing .

Alison Hilll says:

Ask why the Queen of Holland married a SS officer seems a bit weird that don't it ? Also read Churchills the " The International Jew " and then became and drunk during the war after backing them . . We knew the German codes so why did it take so long ? as for the holocaust that's just BS no mention of that until after the war . Read David Erving , Ernest Zundel and David Cole and see the way they were shut up why cant we talk about the so called holocaust with out getting locked up in so many countries ? . There are so many lies this is the time of the great awaking to the lies of Zionists .

James M. Taylor says:

At 25 min 15 sec in it shows a German steroscopic tank sight with range finder. This was an innovation of german tanks that allowed them to fire with greater accuracies quicker than the early allied forces and was why German Gunnery all around, both tanls and artillery was better than the allied forces initially until those innovations could be included on the newer allied weaponry soon to come.
This advance in sights was most telling in the German Navy where the German ships were on target much faster than the British with telling results. The loss of the Hood and Glorious for example. In the end it didnt help the poor kriegsmarine sailors as numbers counted far more than a slight advantage in sight quality. I believe the British had comporable naval sights before the war was over but Radar made Optical sights obsolete really anyway so it didnt matter.

Tomáš Bouzek says:

Belgian governmenet warn French and British several days before surrender!

Tomáš Bouzek says:

Arras attack was solely made to clear space south of Arrass crossroad for further retreat. It was not any kind of conteroffensive operation.

Guillermo Hoffmann says:

Wiston Churchill knew perfectly what he was saying ..in 1915 the failure of the Gallipoli Campaign, due to his own incompetence, was ended with a very successful ….evacuation

Mariano Perez says:

En este siglo las guerras no se pelean las así, los aliados sueñan con glorias pasadas.

Philip Aspinall says:

No more brothers wars.

Greg Kerr says:

The excuses used by the Allies for their defeats are often comprised of complaints about the Germans having better equipment…..even though for the entire war, most German artillery was horse drawn. German tactics, discipline and organizational abilities were the real game winners.

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