2013 Kayak Session Short Film of the year Awards – Winners Reel

2013 Kayak Session Short Film of the year Awards – Winners Reel

2013 Short Film of the Year Awards – Winners Reel
We’re proud to present the winners reel of the short of the year awards, the best of whitewater kayaking on film every year.
For the third time Kayak Session Magazine was organizing the Short Film of the Year Awards presented by Sweet Protection and Powered by EpicTV.
The criteria for selection are cinematography, editing, image quality, storytelling, creativity, and, of course, kayak performance. All films must be under 5 minutes long.With finalists from the four corners of the world – Australia, France, New Zealand, Spain, USA and Canada. The Short Film of the Year Awards have now reached the international status, and is seen as the reference for film producers around the world, and TV broadcasters alike. (45 entries, 14 nations represented, 6 finalists, the best of whitewater kayaking on film every year). Enjoy the show!

NB: 50% is based on a panel of whitewater and filmmaking professionals, 50% based on online votes & views.


البؤساء tv says:

Welcome everyone in morocco <3

Ashley Mills says:

Where is the first place located ???

Ruth Guzmán says:

When it comes to the quality of the tricks i would say number 2 but the best rides are on the first one…

Василий Дульский says:

Классно, очень понравилось)

Ed M says:

I’ve watched this so many times, I agree with a lot of people below the 1st one I think is the best. Does anyone know the names of the songs that are being played ?

Игорь Игорь says:

Чумачедшие ребята…..вообще!молодцы!!!!!

Roen says:

i am wondering how many people have died doing that.. going down waterfalls with a kayak xD

OneBlyatifulMan says:

what was the first song?

Becky Lynn says:

Who would leave a thumbs down for this video?? Jealous people that’s who!!!


Пора им Карагемский прорыв посетить.. Красивое место, но безлюдное, только памятники…

Roen says:

do not try this at home…. if you see a waterfall, quickly row against the stream xD

Slarty Bartfast says:

Second song please!

pham quoc song says:

So Amazing.
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Slarty Bartfast says:

1st and second videos music please

Symphony Farm says:

yep….the envelope is looking a lot different from 98.

Great Cornhollio says:

Don’t understand the discussion here. First two films are more like actionmovies, absolutely impressive for sure, but the french film clearly deserves 1st place on a cinematic and overall "making you longing for kayaking"-approach. The end is also the funniest. It’s not all about making the craziest stunts. Think about it.

Starbaker 2005 says:


Jude Brogden says:


Stephan M. Rueck says:

😈 Kayaking California

Игорь Игорь says:

Это акробаты на каяках!!!!

777granite says:

2nd place vid from Spain was by far the best! Most extreme drops and best stunts.

Ralf Woerter says:

einfach nur geil, bin leider etwas zu alt um diesen Blödsinn wieder zu machen 🙂

Ado Centyn says:


Chad Cole says:

Why do you let go of your paddle when you fall off the big falls?

Scott Wasinski says:

Not sure who judged these videos, but it certainly wasn’t judged based upon kayak skill level, video production, music/ video editing, scenery and all around best video.

The winner was the donkey carrying kayaks to a muddy washout… really?👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Zathara says:

SO bad ass

Elisha Geist says:

How do they get there padles back

Commander Tard says:

Third was better than the second

RobotBoy71 says:

Thrilling and inspiring stuff. 3+ whitewater kicks my ass but if I put in the 10,000 hours, just maybe it could happen.

Ray Laracuente says:

That’s gotta be such an fing rush!!!

Steven Manders says:

I have been white water kayaking for 50 years now. That is a half century.   Back in 1967 you had to borrow a club mold and make your own fibreglass kayak.  It was a weekend job, costing about $75 requiring 3 people.    I paddle mostly in southern Ontario, but did the Middle Fork of the Salmon River  and  Selway Rivers in Idaho, and Gallatin River in Montana.   We saw one other large group on the Salmon river that week, no others on the Gallatin.    I still have that boat but I paddle a much newer one now, only 35 years old.   There were a dozen of us from  Ontario, we met another dozen from all over the USA.  No one had a commercial boat!   Walter Blakadar was our trip leader.  Look him up on the internet.    In the book about him "Never Turn Back" he mentions that we had a large salmon for dinner at Dagger Falls.  It fed 20 hungry people.   I was one of the people that enjoyed it, but I only found out how he really got it when I read the book.    German immigrants introduced the sport of white water kayaking in fibreglass boats,  one third of any such group then were doctors,  the rest were an interesting bunch of people.

Eliandro says:

My God!!!

71sorcerer says:

The first video should have won first place

Иван Иванов says:

Жесть! Лайк однозначно! Нереально!

Роман Светов says:

Адово эль классико. Уважаю каякеров, хоть встречаю паматники, к сожалению. Вы реально еба…ые(в хорошем смысле) 🙂

___ says:

This music is pretty shit

Matthew Frizzell says:

The 1st song is viices made of hights

John Flinn says:

Good idea to have both chest and chin protection on rapids like this. Smart kayakers.

Jose Sanchez Rozza says:

Sánchez rozza

Carmen Blachere says:

Tres belle video genial

Go Yourownway says:

Amazing is all I can say. Nature is free; Nature is beautiful!

Leonard Bessac says:

Is it really usefull to know how to kayak at this level?! haha

Corentin Poupeney says:

Super vidéo

Varsha Banga says:

red kayak in the first video keep throwing his oar away!

Денис Д. says:


ahou ka says:

wow.. ok

Sam Mccall says:

havent seen rapids that bad since my tip down the pea river

hm on tour says:

best viedeo i love

jan potvis says:


Corentin Poupeney says:

Je veux fair comme vous plus tard