17 Most Unexpected Comparisons You’ve Ever Heard

17 Most Unexpected Comparisons You've Ever Heard

Why do we compare everything? It gives us an idea of different things and phenomena. All things are known by comparison, after all. For example, the longest snake in the world was the Titanoboa. It could reach 43 ft in length. That’s more than three Volkswagen Beetles placed one after another! The world’s smallest snake is Barbados threadsnake. It doesn’t usually grow longer than 4 inches and is half as heavy as a Jelly Bean!

Yep, we’re about to tell you about the most unexpected and extreme comparisons ever! What’s the flattest place on Earth, and what’s the most mountainous one? Which fruit is the biggest in the world, and which one is the smallest? What are the biggest and the tiniest trucks? Let’s find out!

Puzzles 0:21
Snakes 1:00
Elevators 1:36
Flowers 2:16
Tornados 2:50
Birds 3:21
Planes 3:51
Sport 4:31
Fruit 5:03
Fish 5:28
Arthropods 5:52
Airports 6:15
Trains 6:51
Landscapes 7:27
Trucks 7:58
Motorbikes 8:36
Swimming pools 9:08

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