15 Romantic Turkish Movies you must see

most of Romantic Turkish Movies have very beautiful love story with sad endings they just love to make us cry😔 , So You’re Going To need Some Tissues for the tears , enjoy❤️



i just watched all of them

Jaejoong Bestie says:

A site to watch them pls??

shelha93074 says:

i hope they have english sub…i love turkish movies

ansandi84 says:

Love Turkish movies….. do you know if they are on them on Netflix? I usually watch them when they are played on TV (I live in Spain)

Shine Sk says:

I have watched few of them and I appreciate thats are really heart touching movies

Dadá Lima says:

Where do I find?

Miriam Urra says:

Bueno no ahy mucho margen para escoger porq los besos no se ven tantos como en las novela latinas, se besan mascen la frente debe ser su cultura y lo veo muy. Bien. Yo me quede esperando de Kosem y kimankes y nunca sucedio, a pesar del amor q se profesaban .lastima per era la epoca. Pero aunque sea para la novela como Fantasia hubiera quedado muy bien. Gracias

Aysha Tabassum says:

I love all turkish movie💕

Anuash Sun says:

Water n fire

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