13 Hermits of the 20th Century and Their Unbelievable Lives

13 Hermits of the 20th Century and Their Unbelievable Lives

Are there still hermits? This tradition has been in some cultures for hundreds of years. However, even today, some people do live in seclusion from society. They choose to live in isolation for different reasons. But how do the modern-day hermits live? What is it really like to be a hermit today?

So, picture yourself suddenly losing all connections with your friends, family, and even your colleagues. And now imagine that you’ve done that on purpose: went away, settled on a deserted island, and are now living alone there. That is the life of a hermit, and here’s how they really lived.

Christopher Knight, aka North Pond Hermit (born 1965) 0:23
Agafya Lykova (born 1944) 1:02
Valerio Ricetti (1898-1952) 1:50
Noah John Rondeau (1883-1967) 2:35
Sergey (born 1985) 3:10
Masafumi Nagasaki (born 1936) 3:44
Barry Edgar Pilcher (born 1943) 4:38
David Glasheen (born 1945) 5:13
Zoe Lucas (born 1950) 5:59
Arthur Leslie Darwin (1879-1977) 6:46
Manfred Gnädinger (1936-2002) 7:30
Willard Kitchener McDonald (1916-2004) 8:07
Tom Leppard (1935-2016) 8:51

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