10 As Seen on TV Product Review Updates, Part 11

Here are recaps and updates on the 101st through 110th products I’ve reviewed.

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101. Atomic Charge Wallet
Original Review: https://youtu.be/yw9AkF2gxNI
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2EXIZzm

102. Ooze Baff
Original Review: https://youtu.be/GJ8gvKoOISk
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2EYGa1d

103. Atomic Beam Glove
Original Review: https://youtu.be/xiV9FMP4_YM
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2DTELcC

104. Micro Touch Solo
Original Review: https://youtu.be/Anbs4T44giE
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2BhDVDH

105. Grab It
Original Review: https://youtu.be/Ki83pfY_YMI
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2EYPSjY
Popular alternative: http://amzn.to/2DSY9GZ

106. Hover Cover
Original Review: https://youtu.be/QvFOhs52hrs
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2DRvUs4

107. Star Shower Slideshow
Original Review: https://youtu.be/0y8lv8_LL1c
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2BgBrWn

108. Black Off
Original Review: https://youtu.be/szIErnhPkvs

109. My Foldaway Mirror
Original Review: https://youtu.be/jGKnadVbJiM
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2DmUyzH

110. Garlic Master
Original Review: https://youtu.be/BxQm5tHGb-0
Buy Online: http://amzn.to/2DPiEEd

My Camera: http://amzn.to/2kzxH9P

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Alex Shine says:

Ouch, sitting on your wallet is generally never a good idea. Years of that habit can result in some nasty back/ortho issues, especially if you spend a lot of your day sitting down because of your job, etc.

sherry a says:

Maybe do a Givaway for the boneyard Stuff for ppl like me and my Severely Autistic boy who really need stuff and don't have much !. Thanks great video 🍻👍👍👍

abo7uson says:

why did u break the wallet? why not give them away/donate them etc?

Ruthlessnoodle says:

Its all crap.

Met3lAngel says:

Couldn't you return some of those products?

acon571 says:

Why would you wash off the splatter guard every time?

Peps Haven says:

I have something similar to the ewallet which I use every day for my cards. I love it and it's so much smaller than a regular purse. I can only fit one well folded note in it though which is fine since I don't carry cash. It has held up well for several years now and only cost me a couple of dollars to buy from a dollar store.

Bruin Eric says:

You should do giveaways to subscribers for your boneyard products so you can get them out of your garage. I've seen several YT channels that do this. Seems to build relationship and loyalty.

Supercool Gamerpro says:

8:04 she probaly did the 100 layer challenge

sara kate says:

"If you don't have high expectations then you might like it"

Man did that remind me of Tosh's Joke

"Have you ever met one of those girls who say "I'm not religious but I'm spiritual" ..I like to reply with "I'm not honest but you're interesting!"

Why it reminded me of that? I mean.. I'm sure at least some of you can catch the relevance ahaha
PLUS now anyone with a sense of humor gets to laugh. And Tosh is just.. A GOD! TO ME! Sexy and funny. What girl isn't falling in LOVE with THAT kind of man!!?? Not to mention tall and handsome. #perfection

Patrick Green says:

What a wastful paper towel use

jeremy fisher says:

Nice MJ spin while throwing stuff at the wall.

TrumpenHammer of Kek says:

It bugs me how they throw "my" and "pro" into like every ASOTV product name.

Daniel Yakovlev says:

I wonder why that ooze bath was demonetized???? Looked like something else

Suicidal Forest says:

i was wondering. do you still have tell sell commercials in the USA? its banned in the netherlands. maybe even in whole europe. But i am not sure about that. i do know its banned on the dutch tv. because most of the products where scams anyway and nothing worked like they advertised it. thats why they banned those programs. which is obvious ofc.

Arianna Hamm says:

Black off didn’t work because they didn’t put a thick enough layer on

Lala Lala says:

Black off only works for the nose area it pulls out black heads.. Past that it does nothing.. Ps It needs to be a thick layer

Jo LAKE says:

PLEASE, consider giving the bone yard items to disabled, unemployed people like me or do a give away to subs? I'm subscribed to only ONE my child's school announcements. I'd sub. to yours, not like you need it but could you consider doing a give away, instead of destroying the ones you don't need/ or like.

Chase Bradford says:

Only man that Ik that could pull off a beret